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4 Ways to Get More out of Your THC Edibles

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When it comes to getting the most out of your THC edibles, there are a variety of aspects that you must consider. Everything, from the route of administration (how it is consumed) to the strain of cannabis, plays a crucial role in how you’ll feel once you ingest Cannabis edibles. Join us as we outline everything you need to know to get the most relief when indulging in THC edibles. 

#1. Proper Dosing

Finding the proper dose of a THC edible is an essential aspect of having an enjoyable experience. If you take too little, then you won’t find the effects that you were anticipating. If you take too much, then you’ll likely feel uncomfortable for the duration of the experience.  

Many individuals that devour an entire Cannabis edible find themselves with detrimental effects that keep them away from having an enjoyable time. This generally comes in the form of panic attacks and nausea. All of these negative experiences can be avoided and turned into pleasant effects by taking the proper dose.

Finding the ideal middle ground is attained through simple trial and error - which is accomplished by ingesting small amounts over several days. Commonly, medicated THC edibles take effect within 15-minutes to 2-hours - depending on the way they are consumed (oral or sublingual, we will get to this soon!). 

As you become comfortable with the effects of a set dosage, you can begin increasing it with small amounts until you find the sweet spot. Once you’ve found the perfect dose, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the therapeutic effects of THC edibles.

Remember, proper dosing relies on you. Each and every person is different and will respond differently to various serving sizes.

#2. Route of Administration

THC edibles are effective once they’ve become metabolized through your blood. This happens through two separate pathways: oral or sublingual administration. When a THC edible, such as Baked Bros gummies, is consumed orally - THC must be converted by the liver to release 11-hydroxy-THC (an active metabolite that is 3-5 times more potent than THC) into your body. Conversion of THC into 11-hydroxy-THC typically takes 1-2 hours to take effect.

clear drop

Alternatively, liquid THC edibles, such as pourable THC syrup, finds its way into your blood by absorbing through your sublingual glands. These glands are located underneath your mucous membranes (under your tongue). Sublingual absorption of THC liquid typically takes 25-45 minutes to take effect.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Once the effects kick in from oral absorption, they will last a long time. This is why it’s imperative that you take your time in finding the proper dose, so you feel the ideal effects for hours on end. This lengthy duration acts as a double-edged sword because if you overdo your dosage, you’re stuck with unwanted side effects. 

Ingesting THC edibles orally significantly promotes pain and insomnia relief. The downside is that it can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to reach its apex.

Sublingual absorption is a fast-acting option for those that need relief now. This option leaves users feeling alleviated within 30-45 minutes, which is far faster when compared with oral absorption rates. The downside is that sublingual absorption doesn’t last as long as its oral counterpart. One of the primary advantages of sublingual liquid THC products is that it’s incredibly effective because you’ll absorb the majority of THC.

#3. Strain Selection for a Personalized Experience

Cannabis strains are not created equal. Each Cannabis strain is composed of various terpenes and cannabinoids that make them unique.

Terpenes are organic compounds that occur naturally in many plants as well as cannabis. From a consumer standpoint, they play a significant role in the aroma and taste of each strain. There are over 100 unique terpenes that have been identified in cannabis, and their functions have become the focus of researchers worldwide for their medicinal effects.

Researchers have found through various studies that terpenes may play a critical role in the “entourage effect” with cannabinoids, such as THC and CBD. This interplay is known as the phytocannabinoid-terpenoid interaction. Scientists believe that this synergy may allow for the effective treatment of pain, depression, addiction, cancer, and anxiety.

Little by little, researchers have begun to find the puzzle pieces that make up the larger picture of cannabis and how humans can utilize it for various purposes. Terpenes are a significant piece of the puzzle because they seem to “steer” the effects of THC and other cannabinoids. 

This is why you must find THC edibles that contain a high concentration of terpenes. 

To get the most out of your experience, you want to search for a cannabis edible that is strain-specific. By understanding the differences of each strain, you can fine-tune how you’ll feel. Are you seeking sedative qualities? Then look no further than a THC edible infused with Indica Granddaddy Purple. Do you desire a boost of energy and motivation? Then a Sativa strain infused into an edible such as Super Lemon Haze might be your preferred choice.

It’s also crucial that the concentrate that’s infused into your edibles are lab tested for safety. Cannabis concentrates can be contaminated with residual solvents, pesticides, and mold, among other things.

#4. Timing

As with all things, timing is everything. Both sublingual and oral THC products can be used during the day and night, but there are ideal hours for each. 

selective focus photo of brown and blue hourglass on stones

Since sublingual THC products have a faster onset and don’t last so long, they are optimally suited towards daytime use. Due to their duration, sublingual THC products aren’t typically a “day-ender.”

Orally ingested THC products are better suited towards nighttime use because they will likely last well after you’ve fallen asleep. The effects of oral THC edibles are notably heavier when compared with sublingual THC products; therefore, most patients save this edible consumption for the evening. 

The time of day or night that you take an oral or sublingual edible also depends on the strain type. If the edible contains a Sativa strain, then you likely want to use it during the day. Conversely, an edible derived from an Indica strain may leave you feeling sleepy, so it’s best to be used at night.

Education is the Key to Success

Education is key in curating an ideal experience with THC edibles. By understanding these 4 tips, you are set up with a road map to help navigate your journey into using THC edibles. Cannabis edibles can be an effective method for relieving a variety of ailments, but they do require trial and error. Remember to always consume THC edibles responsibly and “Know Your Dose”.

Baked Bros has developed a chart to help you determine your proper dose, which you can find here.

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