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A Beginner’s Guide on How to Roll a Blunt

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If you're ready for a one-of-a-kind smoking experience, then you'll definitely want to learn how to roll a blunt. You've definitely seen blunts in movies and music videos, but have you ever made one yourself?

Blunts offer a flavor and feeling that's unrivaled by other forms of smoking. Continue reading below as we show you step-by-step how to roll a blunt.

What's the Difference Between a Blunt, a Joint, and a Spliff?

Before we jump into it, we need to look at what makes a blunt special. Blunts, joints, and spliffs are all rolled forms of cannabis.

Most people are familiar with joints because of how iconic they are. Most joints are like little cannabis cigarettes rolled in thin white or unbleached rolling paper.

Of course, now there are almost unlimited options when it comes to cannabis rolling papers. They can be extremely large, and others have different colors and flavors too.

However, the most common type of joints you see are small and meant for personal use or sharing between a few people.

A spliff is almost the same thing as a joint, except there's tobacco mixed in with the cannabis. Spliffs are not so common in the USA, but they’re really popular in European countries.

What separates a blunt from a joint or a spliff isn't the size but what it's rolled in. Blunts are rolled in tobacco leaves, or tobacco leaf paper, which makes them look and feel like cigars.

The tobacco leaf paper gives the blunt its distinctive taste, effect, smell, and burn time. On top of that, blunts are almost always larger than a regular joint.

how to roll a blunt | how to roll a joint

What Makes Blunts Special?

People love smoking blunts because they give an entirely different smoking experience from a typical joint.

For starters, the taste and smell from a blunt are much different than a joint. The tobacco leaf wrap adds a heavy and satisfying flavor to the smoke.

There are also many flavored blunt wraps that one can experiment with to get the perfect taste.

Blunts are for people who really love a slow burn. With blunts, you can slowly puff away without needing to worry about wasting it, unlike a joint.

Blunts also have a different psychoactive effect than joints. The tobacco leaf paper adds a little nicotine buzz to the high, which can feel energizing.

Are There Any Downsides to Blunts?

Some people aren't fond of blunts because of the tobacco. The tobacco buzz and flavor can be overwhelming for people who aren't used to them, and we definitely don’t recommend trying one unless you already consume/have used tobacco.

How to Roll a Blunt Step-by-Step

Rolling a blunt is simple, but you'll need a few things before you get started. Of course, you'll need your favorite cannabis strain as well as a grinder (or your most seasoned tool, your hands).

Next, you'll need to get your hands on tobacco wraps. The most common method is to buy a pre-rolled cigar or cigarillo.

This is usually the most common method because you can find cigarillos or other wraps at any gas station, corner store, or smoke shop. Some of the most popular brands are:

  • Swisher Sweets
  • Dutch Masters
  • Phillies
  • White Owls
  • Backwoods

You can also often find empty tobacco wrapping paper ready to be rolled without purchasing a pre-filled cigarillo.

how to roll a blunt | how to roll a joint

1. Grind the Cannabis

To get an even burn and a good consistency with your weed, you'll need to grind your cannabis, or break it up evenly by hand. Since tobacco wraps are typically larger than joints, you should grind up 1-2 grams.

2. Get Your Blunt Wrap Ready

If you have empty blunt wraps, then you can skip this step, but if you bought a pre-filled blunt wrap, you'll need to empty it carefully.

Most people will split the blunt wrap open by hand. To do that, you need to take the cigarillo in both hands and pinch it between your thumb and pointer finger slowly as you work your way down.

If you don't feel comfortable with that, you can always use a razor blade or small knife to slice open the cigarillo. Empty the tobacco out of the cigarillo and discard it, or save it for a spliff.

3. Moisten the Blunt Wrap

You'll likely have noticed that the tobacco leaf wrap is a little rigid and hard to work with. To make it more pliable and easier to handle, you can moisten it with water or saliva.

You can lick the blunt wrap or use a little bit of water on a paper towel to dab the wrap. Just be sure not to get the tobacco wrap soaking wet, but just moist enough so that it's easy to handle.

4. Fill the Wrap With Cannabis

Next, you'll take the cannabis that you ground up earlier and fill up the tobacco wrap with it. Like we mentioned earlier, 1-2 grams should be enough, but be careful not to overfill the wrap.

Some cigarillos or empty blunt wraps are smaller or bigger, depending on the brand.

As a side note, you can also place a cardboard or paper filter at the end of the blunt if you'd like in the same way you would a joint.

5. Roll the Blunt

You'll need to make sure that the cannabis is evenly distributed throughout the blunt. To do that, you can roll the blunt between your fingers to make everything even.

Once you're satisfied, you'll need to close the wrap. Take the edge of one side of the “paper”, wrap it tightly over the cannabis, and tuck it under the other side of the wrap.

Next, you'll need to wet the exposed edge of the wrap with your saliva. Lick the inside of the exposed edge end to end and then press it down to make the tobacco stick to itself.

Run your fingers along the seam and make sure there are no gaps.

Lastly, you'll need to bake the blunt with a lighter. Spark a lighter and pass the flame across the seam of the blunt to dry it out, but make sure not to let the fire touch the blunt.

Drying out the seam helps the blunt burn evenly and stay sealed.

how to roll a blunt | how to roll a joint

6. Enjoy

Your blunt is now ready for smoking! Simply light up and enjoy the smooth and powerful flavor and effects of your new creation. When did arts and crafts become so fun?


Smoking blunts isn't everyone's cup of tea, check out how to make a bong at home by clicking here

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