Baked Bros Gummies are Never Sprayed

Baked Bros™ gummies have NEVER been sprayed and never will be. This is a misperception that we have been fighting for years and hope by the end of this, the smoke has cleared. 

Why would a company spray their gummies?

It is cheaper, faster, and easier, which results in a less expensive product. The trouble is, medication should be consistent, and what you save in money you lose in impact, consistency, and excellence...values we believe should never be compromised. Sprayed gummies just do not meet Baked Bros standards, period.

Our gummies are infused by hand in small batches, utilizing a state of the art process that ensures accuracy. Believe it or not, we test EVERY batch! Check out test results here for every single batch of gummies we make. 

We believe in providing top-quality cannabis products to patients that are consistent, every time. We don't believe that spraying gummies with ingredients like propylene glycol delivers the same top-tier quality we know our method provides for patients. Baked Bros supplies confidence in every dose.

Patients rely on our products to help them treat chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, and a long list of other ailments. Their stories are the reason Baked Bros™ exists today. We are all living through the abuse of pharmaceuticals in our community, even with friends and family. This is why Baked Bros continues to work every day to impact patient's lives through our products, education, and commitment to philanthropy. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us here.

We love feedback as much as we love cannabis!

Thank you,

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