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Cannabis And Intimacy... Having Sex While High In The Sky?

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If you are a cannabis consumer, chances are you know that smoking or consuming THC makes most of the “feels” you experience feel better. Intimacy is one of those feelings and actions that can be modulated and affected by cannabis. Read on as we take you down the exploratory path of cannabis and intimacy, and learn more about how the green goddess can align you with your partner(s) on a level that you may have never known before!

What Is Intimacy?

What is intimacy? The dictionary defines it as familiarity, closeness, and friendship. It is also sometimes used to describe acts of physical affection. Intimacy is a defining characteristic of romantic relationships and is something we need in order to feel truly connected. There are several key factors that are involved in the process of developing intimacy and the strength of the resulting relationship. The exchange of information between two individuals is one of the first steps in developing an intimate relationship. 

When we share our dreams, desires, fears, traumas, and goals with someone we care for, we feel a sense of deep connection. Intimate relationships develop a sense of interdependence rapidly and in meaningful ways. Individuals begin to take into account what others want and need, promoting a sense of unity within the relationship. This is where care begins to shift from being self-oriented to focusing on our partner. A sense of mutual trust arises, strengthening the bond between partners. In turn, each partner is responsive to the others struggles and triumphs, showing genuine engagement in life outside the relationship. As the relationship grows, each individual life is intertwined to create a mutual framework of “we” instead of “I”. Due to the intimate dynamics of the relationship, both mental and physical, acknowledged commitment allows all other aspects of intimacy to flourish. 

having sex while high | best weed for sex

Does Weed Make Sex Better?

Cannabis and intimacy have been connected for as far back as 700 A.D. by Hindus in India to enable worshippers to feel the divinity inside themselves and their partner. In the modern world, we tend to look at things more objectively and less through a metaphysical lens. When we talk about cannabis and intimacy we tend to focus on arousal, pleasure, sensation, and connection. These categories can be great viewpoints into the relationship between what is felt by cannabis consumers and what is objectively true from a scientific perspective.


Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries the world over. In recent years research has gone back and forth on whether cannabis increases or decreases sexual frequency. A study published in 2017 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that cannabis consumers have approximately 20% more sex than those who do not use cannabis. These findings were independent of sex, race, age, education level, income, religion, health status, marital status, and whether or not they had kids.


Endocannabinoids play a crucial role in the pleasure we experience during and immediately after sex. Another 2017 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that orgasm significantly raised the levels of endocannabinoid 2-AG inside the body. By adding exogenous cannabinoids such as THC and CBD, we may be able to increase the pleasure felt during and immediately after sex.


Sensation is where cannabis seems to be most effective at increasing intimacy. Cannabis has several positive effects in terms of the heightened sensory perception it produces. Romantic couples benefit from euphoria, relaxation, and reduced pain sensitivity that cannabis elucidates on the mind. Physically, cannabis can increase vasodilation, heart rate, and respiration which increases performance and pleasure.   


Cannabis may have the ability to strengthen feelings of intimate connection between romantic partners due to its effects on the endocannabinoid system. According to a 2010 study published in the Journal of Neuroimmunomodulation, endocannabinoids binding to CB1  and CB2  receptors has been demonstrated to enhance oxytocin secretion, a hormone that is essential in the bonding between humans. Consuming exogenous cannabinoids that bind to the same receptors may confer similar benefits.

what is the best weed for sex?

What Is The Best Weed For Sex?

Every once in a while, a new consumer will lean in close and ask in a hushed tone, “Is having sex while high better?” Physical acts of affection and the sex that they may lead to serve as a way of embodying the intimacy that is felt between romantic partners. Below are a few tips to increase arousal, pleasure, sensation, and connection.

  1. To increase arousal, it is best to consume cannabis at a time where the peak effects coincide with the initiation of physical affection. For inhalation, effects peak 30 minutes after ingestion whereas oral consumption can peak 2-4 hours after ingestion. Inhalation is great for spontaneity as it rapidly takes effect. Oral consumption, however, can lead to profound intimacy due to the gradual intensification of effects.

  2. When feelings of arousal are high the proceeding pleasure is dramatically improved. Low doses tend to be better for increasing sexual desire, enjoyment, and satisfaction. On the contrary, high doses can lead to lack of interest, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited orgasm. To avoid ruining your and your partner's night, avoid over-consuming.

  3. Picking the right strain is essential when finding the right product to increase sensation. Strains high in linalool and myrcene can decrease sensation due to their analgesic and anesthetic properties. Strains high in limonene and beta-caryophyllene, such as Super Sour Diesel, are a better alternative as they can reduce anxiety allowing you to be present and focus on sensation.

  4. The connection we feel during acts of physical affection is integral to how intimate the experience is. Feelings of anxiety, paranoia, or mental fogginess can impair our ability to connect to our partner. CBD can help mitigate these effects and for this reason, I suggest using a product that has a higher CBD than THC ratio. Also using a strain high in pinene can reduce mental fogginess and anxiety. For that reason, Jack Herer may be favorable.

having sex while high | best weed for sex

What Now?

Now that you’re a “certified sex-pert”, there is only one thing left to do. Try it out for yourself! Just remember, consent is key. Make sure that your partner consents to every piece at play, the whole time, and especially the use of cannabis before and after consumption. Enjoy yourself, and let your mind and body experience true pleasure and freedom!


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