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Edible Dosage mg Chart

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To avoid overconsumption, it is essential to "know your dose". The best advice here can be summarized by the following phrase, "Go Low And Slow". This will allow you to gradually build confidence in using cannabis and help to mitigate any unwanted side effects. See our THC edible dosage chart below. (Please note we are not doctors, this information is for educational purposes): 

Edible Dosing Chart

1 - 5mg: New cannabis consumers and those looking to microdose.

5 - 15mg: Occasional cannabis consumers (A few times per month). 

15 - 25mg: Regular cannabis consumers (A few times per week). 

25 +mg: Heavy cannabis consumers (Daily). 

*These edible dosage ranges loosely apply to sublingual administration as well. Consumers will want to dial their initial dose back the first time to adjust for increased absorption. 

Edible Dosage mg Chart, edibles dosing

There are a few things to consider that may alter your cannabis experience:

  • THC has biphasic properties, which means at one dose it might have one effect (relieves stress) but one larger can cause the opposite (increased feelings of stress). 
  • Taking THC edibles on an empty stomach can cause your dose to be absorbed faster with a more intense onset. A meal rich in fat can cause you to absorb more THC than usual. 
  • If you take your regular edible dosage outside of your normal routine, it can cause a completely different experience. 
  • If you ever become uncomfortable from overconsumption try laying down, closing your eyes, and take deep slow breaths. You can also try watching a funny or comforting movie.

  • Taking a high-dose of THC-free CBD could potentially counteract the negative effects of your dose of THC if it is too intense.
  • If you feel like you are experiencing trouble breathing or heart-related problems, you should seek medical attention.

The cannabis experience is incredibly unique to every individual. For this reason, Baked Bros™ goes above and beyond to ensure our products are accurately tested, labeled, and packaged so our consumers can get consistent relief. Remember to go low and slow, its part of knowing your dose. Also, keep in mind that edible dosage that is improperly advertised that are improperly dosed or tested will not apply to this edible chart.

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Edible dosing MG Chart

Learn the do's and don'ts of dosing with cannabis edibles.

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