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How to Grow Weed

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We all love smoking cannabis, or eating delicious THC-infused gummies—but what about growing it? Growing weed can be extremely satisfying as you watch your plants go from seed to bud.

You may have a friend who's blowing out their entire garage, and the whole setup looks way too complicated. The good news is you can do a small, simple grow without too much effort or investment.

Continue reading below as we go over the basic essentials of growing and maintaining your very own cannabis plants.

Growing weed | Kush Edibles

How to Plant Weed Seeds and Select Them

The first thing you'll need to consider is what kind of seeds you're going to buy. At any seed bank or online marketplace, you'll find regular, feminized, and autoflower seeds.

For beginners, we recommend autoflower seeds because they require the least amount of maintenance. This is because they automatically flip into flowering after a few weeks of growing.

If you want to get the real cannabis growing experience, you'll need to get regular or feminized seeds. Feminized seeds are great because they are guaranteed to be female plants, so you won't waste time growing out males, which would be full of seeds.

Then you'll need to decide whether you want to grow an indica or a sativa. Indica's typically finish faster and are smaller, denser plants. However, if you want to get a genuinely massive weed plant, then a sativa is right for you.

Indoor or Outdoor?

Now that you've made your seed choice, you'll next need to think about where you're going to grow your weed. Both indoors and outdoors have pros and cons, but one might be more suited to you than the other (keep in mind local laws and regulations for both options as well).

How To Grow Weed

How to Grow Weed Outdoors

The great outdoors is an excellent place to grow weed—free energy, a lot of space, and your house won't reek of cannabis.

However, because it's outside, your plants will be at the mercy of nature. That means that you will need to consider the climate of where you live.

Too hot and your plants will stop growing. Too cold, the weather could shock your plants and kill them. No matter where you live, there will be a window of time where you can be growing weed outdoors, but it won't be year-round.

You also need to think about privacy because your plants will be in the open. If they're easily visible, someone may come and steal them or report them.

There are also pests to deal with, and outside, your plants will be more susceptible to diseases, mold, and bugs. You also need to be aware that some animals, including deer, love to snack on cannabis plants.

How to Grow Weed Indoors

Growing inside is a great way to cultivate cannabis because you can control all the variables. However, you will need a lot more equipment than you would growing outside.

You'll need a grow tent, lights, fans, filters, humidifier, and a thermometer for starters. Remember, you're managing all the variables and making the environment perfect for your plant.

Growing weed indoors for beginners can be so costly mostly because of the electricity bill. That's why we recommend you try either CFL or LED lights to start with.

Fans will help move the air around, keep the temperatures down, and help keep your cannabis strong. When you flip into the flowering stage, your house or apartment will absolutely reek of weed, which is why you'll need a carbon filter.

Humidity and temperature are critical, so you'll need to keep an eye on both when growing indoors.

Growing weed | Kush Edibles

Mediums and Nutrients

Next, you need to think about what kind of medium or substrate you'll be growing in.

Beginners usually start with soil because it already contains many nutrients, and some offer a "just add water" experience. However, you'll likely need to add some amendments to the soil before you start growing.

Another great option is to use coco coir, which is a hydroponic medium. Coco coir is a neutral medium, meaning you'll need to add nutrients to it with water.

This means you'll need to buy nutrients, a pH meter, pH up and down monitor, and learn how to use a feeding schedule.

Let's Get Growing

Phew, that was a lot to go through, but now it's time for the fun part.

The very first thing you'll need to do is germinate your seeds. After germination, you'll need to transplant your seeds into a container.

Veg Stage

After you've transplanted your babies into a fresh container, it's time to let them vegetate or veg. At this stage, you're just allowing your plants to grow bigger.

If you're growing autoflower seeds, your plants will automatically veg for 2-4 weeks before automatically flowering.

If you're growing feminized seeds outdoors, your plants will likely veg until the end of summer. Indoors, you control how long you want your plants to veg by using a light schedule.

During vegetation, if you're growing in pots, keep in mind you may need to transfer up to a bigger container.

Growing weed | Kush Edibles


The flowering period is the most rewarding time as you watch your beautiful plants stack on the weight.

When cannabis plants start flowering, they'll begin to stretch, and can double in size quickly. You'll also start to smell them strongly at this point as the buds are beginning to form.

If you're growing indoors, you'll need to flip your plants into flower by using a 12/12 light schedule. You'll also need to break out the filters, so your house won't smell like a dispensary.

Harvest and Curing

After weeks of flowering, all your efforts will pay off once harvest day rolls around. At this point, you'll have beautiful, crystal-drenched buds ready to be chopped.

However, timing is essential, and you'll need to look closely at your plants' trichomes to know when to chop.

Once it's time, you'll need to cut the branches off the plant and remove some of the larger leaves. Then, you'll need to hang up the branches and let them dry at 60-70°F with a little bit of air circulation in a dark room.

Once they're dry enough, you can start trimming your dried plants into beautiful buds. The final step, known as curing, will make your buds stronger, tastier, and smell better.

After your weed is cured, you can sit back and enjoy your very own cannabis.

Growing Weed Could Be Your Passion

Growing cannabis can be extremely complex, and it's best to try it out first with a minimal investment. However, growing weed is a rewarding process, and you might get hooked on it.

From there, you can go down the rabbit hole by learning new techniques, trying different strains, and becoming better at it until you're growing top-shelf buds.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of cannabis in general, check this blog out!

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