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Learn Why Patients Choose Baked Bros

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Baked Bros maintains rigorous testing standards despite minimal state requirements. The award-winning Arizona brand is an innovative leader in the infused-product market that tests for pesticides, mold, and potency; offers a money back guarantee; and offers digital access to test results for each and every product. 
Currently, safety provisions are self-imposed by dispensaries. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act does not enforce mandatory testing or safety standards for cannabis. 

“We strive to put the best products on the shelves for patients. Just because the state hasn’t established standards, doesn’t mean we don’t have our own,” stated Nadeem Al-Hasan, co-founder of Baked Bros.
Innovation has become synonymous with the millennial-owned brand. It is the only cannabis company in Arizona to offer a 100 percent money back guarantee for patients.  In 2018, lawmakers introduced Senate Bill 1420 to establish medical marijuana as an agricultural commodity. The bill required testing for mold, the disclosing of chemicals used in production, and confirmation of labels, just like other crops. 
Baked Bros has tested for contaminants since 2016, long before the bill was a discussion. Due to the company’s progressive approach, the Senate invited co-founders Nadeem Al-Hasan and Thomas Rimbach to provide their input on the new regulations. They attended three meetings and were the only representatives from an edible company who were included on this counsel. 
Though the bill fell short of votes, Baked Bros continues to focus on company transparency. Along with testing for contaminants, the brand’s manufacturer labels display actual strain names and packaging dates. Patients can go online and view the exact test results of their purchase using the UPC code, the last four digits of the manufacturer label. 
“This is about improving the infused-product market,” explained Rimbach. “There is a lack of verifiable information for patients and we want to be the ones to provide it.”
For more, check out AZmarijuana.com and the Marijuana Industry Trade Association's articles on Baked Bros.

Learn more about our founders and how they came up with Baked Bros

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