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New Poll Shows Arizonans' Positive Response to Legalization

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According to a new poll, an overwhelming majority of Arizona’s registered voters support legalization of cannabis. 

The poll asked registered voters, “Would you support or oppose a proposal that Arizona regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol?”

The voter opinion survey by Consumer Choice Centers and OH Predictive Insights found that 62.9 percent of total respondents would support legalization of cannabis, while only 24.3 percent outright opposed and 12.6 percent were not sure.

Despite this positive response, a bipartisan initiative to put recreational marijuana on the November ballot failed to pass in the statehouse. Arizona voters also narrowly rejected a legalization effort back in 2016.

"Lawful adults purchase the product and come back to Arizona and use the product anyway," stated Representative Todd Clodfelter (R) who plans to present another bill next year, according to an interview with KVOA. "The dollars we're losing to California, Colorado and Nevada could stay in Arizona." 

Whether it is medical or recreational, marijuana is still very much a partisan issue for Arizona’s elected officials. The poll broke down results into subgroups by party, age, gender and if the respondents lived in rural or metropolitan areas.

Support for regulating and taxing cannabis like alcohol was highest in those individuals 18 to 34 years old (72.5 percent), Democrats (68.9 percent) and Independents (61.7 percent).

Those who self-identified as Republicans (48.2%), 65 years old or better (50.9%) and those living in rural areas (49.8%) indicated the lowest support toward reforming Arizona’s marijuana laws. Republicans and those living in rural areas were the only subgroups with less than 50 percent support.

More than 600 registered voters were surveyed, including 189 Republicans, 222 Independents and 190 Democrats. 

With the poll’s margin of error only +/- 4 percent, this overall increased support to legalize cannabis could forecast change in the coming years.


The increase in support for legalization could lead to some future changes for Arizona, check this blog out for more information.

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