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Top 7 Things To Do When High (While Social Distancing)

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Cannabis elevates so many activities to the next level. Whether it's eating a snack or watching a movie, the experience is always much better when you're elevated.

Even doing nothing at all can be entertaining, but what are some of the best things to do while stoned?

We've put together a list of some of the best things to do after enjoying your THC gummies or primo buds while you socially distance.

things to do when high

#7. Cook and Eat an Amazing Meal

Ok, this one may seem obvious, but we're not talking about simple munchies. We're talking about using your chef skills to create a spectacular meal.

Scrolling through social media, you've probably seen a million recipes that look fantastic. This is the perfect opportunity to try one recipe that really stands out to you.

Or, you could visit your favorite cooking/recipe site or look for one online if you don't have a specific recipe in mind. After browsing for a little while, you're sure to find a meal that suits your skill level and taste.

It's the perfect way to improve your cooking skills and enjoy the result more than you would sober. Of course, you may have to prepare the meal before partaking in your cannabis.

Trying to focus on cooking while your thoughts wander probably isn't the best idea. We recommend preparing everything before you get high or waiting until you're just about finished.

If you're having an edible like a THC gummy, you should probably eat it before cooking. By the time your meal is ready, you'll be flying high and ready to dig into your delicious creation.

All that extra effort will be worth it when you enter a world of flavor that can't be matched by a packet of ramen.

things to do when high

#6. Watch Something Different

You've probably watched your favorite movie a million times. Watching it high might make it better, but next time try something new!

When you're high, you may be more open to trying new things. It's a perfect opportunity to watch something you've been skipping over.

You could even try watching something totally different than what you're used to. Maybe you only like to watch action movies or thrillers - try a romance or even a rom-com.

Another great option is to watch a documentary or a program you can learn from. There are plenty of amazing films that explore the environment, cultures around the world, and history.

Watching something new can expand your mind. You might even get into a new genre that you had no idea about before.

The next time you start shuffling through Netflix while high, try clicking on something you would usually avoid.

things to do when high

#5. Get Creative

It's no secret that cannabis can make you more creative. Musicians, artists, and even scientists (like Carl Sagan) agree - cannabis unlocks the mind.

Being high can be one of the best times to try and express yourself. Creating music is a great way to show your emotions or just mess around.

If you play an instrument, then being high can help you focus and get creative. No matter what instrument you play, whether it's the guitar, the piano, or even nothing at all - cannabis makes it better.

You don't need an instrument to create music. You can even try singing, or if that isn't your thing, you can use resources online, such as a virtual keyboard.

If you don't have an instrument or aren't interested in playing one, you can try to mix your favorite music. You don't need DJ equipment to start mixing. There are simple mixers available online that you can try right now for free.

Maybe you're more of a writer but could never find the motivation to start. After having a THC gummy, you could get a piece of paper and a pen and start writing whatever comes to your mind.

Write down all the thoughts and feelings in your head and then start connecting them. Slowly, those sentences might begin to form a story.

What starts out as something simple can end up being the start of a book or short story. If that gets boring, you can start doodling with that pen instead.

As a kid, you probably drew a lot of random things while you were bored in school. Why not try again, and get that same creative part of your brain working once more.

If you want to take it a step further, then you can try painting. Painting might be one of the best ways to get creative while you're high.

It's easy to get lost in hours of putting paint on paper, brushstroke after brushstroke. The process is so relaxing that it's almost guaranteed to take away stress and anxiety.

While intoxicated, painting can transport you to a whole new world. Time might pass so fast you'll be shocked at how fun and easy it is.

The activities we listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you already do one of these activities or it is your first time, marijuana can make it better.

If you've never tried any of them, we suggest trying one the next time you have an edible or a toke. What begins as some creative entertainment might turn into a hobby that lasts a lifetime.

things to do when high

#4. The Great Outdoors

There's nothing like connecting with nature. One of the best ways to enjoy cannabis is by immersing yourself in the great outdoors.

Going for a hike or just a simple walk around a local park can make you feel great. Being in nature is proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and make you more fit.

Plan a hike in nearby mountains, take a lot of water, some snacks, and some cannabis. Even going to the ocean, a nearby lake, or a river just to be by them is enough.

When you move around outside, your mind can wander and enjoy the beautiful scenes around you. Even if the weather isn't perfect, getting some fresh air is going to make you feel great.

Have an adventure by exploring your local natural environment. Even if you live in an urban area, there is always something green to discover somewhere.

things to do when high

#3. Raise Your Pulse

This ties in with going outside, but all types of sports and exercise are fantastic when you're high. Professional athletes love to partake in cannabis, and for a good reason.

Smoking cannabis or having an edible are excellent ways to kickstart muscle recovery, but what about being high during sports and exercise?

Consuming cannabis has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation. That means that you can exercise longer and go harder than usual.

That being said, please be careful because pain can be a warning sign for an injury. Since cannabis reduces pain, you might not feel the pain and go harder when you should be resting.

However, if you feel less pain, it can also make sports more enjoyable - leading to good habits. This means, if you enjoy sports while high, you're more likely to keep doing them.

So lace up your running shoes or hit the weights after you put down the joint.

things to do when high

#2. Get In The Game

Video games are already fun on their own, but what about being high? Well, it depends on the game that you're playing.

Sometimes we pick up a game that we're currently playing, and something doesn't seem right. Probably because that particular game isn't great when you're stoned.

There's likely a lot of talk, cutscenes, and other things that are boring while high. You definitely need to play the right game to get the best experience.

We recommend something that lets you explore the world, like any open-world type of game. Grand Theft Auto V is an excellent choice because you can get creative and let loose at the same time.

Cause havoc and explore the world, the world is your playground. If that's a bit too violent, then another great option is Minecraft as your creative juices will have no restrictions.

In Minecraft, you can freely explore the world and build giant structures without all the violence of GTA-V. Or, if you want to relax and unwind, the newly released Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a great choice.

In Animal Crossing, you can build an island, design houses, and decorate landscapes. It's the best type of game for being high because it focuses on creativity and has an engaging story.

things to do when high

#1. Get Intimate

Being stoned is the best time to get intimate with your partner. When you're stoned, your perceptions are elevated to a higher level.

Hearing, taste, sight, and especially feeling are all enhanced. Every touch of the skin feels fantastic, and you'll be lost in a world of pleasure.

Like we said before, being high makes you creative, and here it's no different. You'll likely have an experience that's much different from your regular routine.

The next time you and your partner decide to get stoned to the bone, head to the bedroom for an experience like no other.

Utilize our products when you are ready to put these activities to the test. Find out more about our award winning syrup and gummies here.

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