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What’s the Difference Between Joints and Blunts?

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At one time, you may have thought to yourself, joints and blunts are the exact same thing—right? They're both rolled-up forms of cannabis that you smoke like a cigarette, so what's the difference?

The thing is, there's a vast difference between joints and blunts. However, those differences may not be so obvious to those who are new to smoking.

Continue reading below as we tell you everything you need to know about the difference between joints and blunts.

What's a Joint?

First, let's start with possibly the most iconic form of smoking cannabis—the joint. Likely, you've seen a joint being lit up or rolled in real life or in a movie.

At its very essence, a joint is like a cannabis cigarette. Of course, many joints are not as thick as cigarettes.

Usually, a joint is made from a small white or unbleached rolling paper using however much cannabis you desire. Typically, joints are portable, slim, and can be sparked up just about anywhere.

However, nowadays, there are many different rolling papers—even XXL ones that can be filled with multiple grams of cannabis. Still, the spirit of a joint is something small and easy to smoke between a few people.

what's the difference between joints and blunts | joints vs blunts

How to Roll a Joint

If you're ready to try out a joint, then you'll need to know how to roll one. It takes a little practice to master, and you'll only need a few things:

  • Your favorite cannabis
  • Rolling papers
  • Paper crutch
  • Grinder
  • Something to help pack the joint

1. Grind Your Weed

The first step is to grind up your weed into a fine shake. If you don't have a grinder, you can pick apart the bud by hand or use scissors.

2. Make the Crutch or Filter

The crutch that we mentioned is just a 'filter' or filled space so that there's room between the weed and where you inhale. A crutch makes it easier to smoke and ensures that no weed falls out from the unlit end and into your mouth.

To make a crutch, you can use thin cardboard, thick paper, or even an old business card. A lot of rolling papers include cutouts to make a crutch.

Simply roll the crutch about as thick as the joint you're going to make. If you're rolling a small joint, don't make an overly large crutch.

3. Fill up the Joint

Place your crutch in the middle of the rolling paper at one end and then evenly spread out your cannabis.

4. Roll the Joint

This is the trickiest step of all, but don't worry, it just takes a bit of practice. Pick up the joint between your thumb, pointer, and middle finger.

Roll the joint back and forth until the weed starts to take a cylindrical shape. Then you'll want to fold one edge tightly over the cannabis.

Fold the other edge around until it's almost completely rolled, but leave one edge sticking out. Lick the inside of that edge and then press it down to make the joint stick together.

5. Finish it Up

If it isn't super tightly rolled, it may not burn evenly. To help with this, take something small and pack the cannabis tightly inside.

Lastly, twist the open end (the one without the crutch), and that's it—you're ready to light up.

what's the difference between joints and blunts | joints vs blunts

What's a Blunt?

Many people think that a blunt is just an oversized joint. While blunts are typically larger than joints, that isn't the main difference.

The key difference between joints and blunts is in the rolling paper. Like we mentioned, rolling papers for joints can be huge, and some are as big as blunts.

However, to make a “real blunt”, you need to use tobacco leaf wraps. Most of the time, the tobacco leaf wraps are taken from cigarillos like Swisher Sweets or Dutch Masters.

Luckily, many smoke shops and corner stores now sell empty tobacco wraps.

The tobacco leaf wraps give the blunt an entirely new taste and a slow burn. On top of that, the tobacco in the wrap gives blunts an extra heady kick.

How to Roll a Blunt

If you want to make a blunt, then you'll need to gather a few materials:

  • 1-2 grams of cannabis
  • Empty Tobacco leaf wraps
  • Grinder

1. Grind Your Cannabis

Take your 1-2 grams of cannabis and grind them up into a powder. As we mentioned, you can also do this by hand or with scissors, but a grinder is the easiest and fastest way.

2. Wet Your Tobacco Leaf Wrap

Since the tobacco wrap is a little stiff, you'll need to soften it up a bit. Use your saliva or a bit of damp paper towel and wet the entire wrap.

Don't go too overboard and completely saturate it—you just want it to be easier to work with.

3. Fill the Tobacco Wrap

Take your weed and evenly distribute it within the wrap. You can also make a paper crutch for a blunt, but it's totally optional.

4. Roll the Blunt

Take the blunt in both hands and then roll it back and forth between your fingers. That motion will get the cannabis to start taking the right shape.

Once it looks nice and even, you'll need to close the wrap. Take one edge and tuck it tightly over the cannabis.

With one edge tucked, roll the wrap slowly until it's almost completely rolled. Take the exposed edge, lick the inside, and press it down to stick to itself.

Make sure there are no gaps in the edge by running your hand over the closed seam. Take a lighter and run the flame back and forth across the seam to dry it.

5. Light it Up

If everything was done correctly, you should have a blunt ready to smoke. Simply light either end (if you didn't use a crutch) and enjoy your handiwork.

what's the difference between joints and blunts | joints vs blunts

Are There Any Downsides to Joints and Blunts?

Now that you know what's the difference between joints and blunts, are there any downsides to them? The one major downside to both joints and blunts is that they need to be smoked.

That may seem obvious, but smoking anything will not be good for your lung's health. In the long run, it's much better to eat cannabis edibles because they don't damage your lungs.

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No more having to roll joints or blunts (unless you want to)—simply eat a delicious THC gummy or sip some syrup and enjoy an incredible high that lasts all day.

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