What You Need to Know About Concentrates in Arizona

The status of concentrates in Arizona is now hazy. A recent state appeals court ruled concentrates are not protected by the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), due to the the different definitions of “marijuana” and “cannabis,” and how to define the variety of concentrates now available on the market.

Though the ruling will be appealed, the process could take as long as a year. In the meantime, here is what the 170,000 medical cannabis patients in Arizona need to know.

  • Some Arizona dispensaries are withdrawing concentrates, but others will continue to offer them to patients.
  • Dispensaries have not been ordered to remove concentrates, and until the Department of Health announces otherwise, some will continue to manufacture and sell these products.
  • If you choose to continue using concentrate products, be aware of your surroundings when consuming.
    • It is illegal to consume in public, while driving, or on government property.
    • Conduct yourself with caution around police.
  • Though your medical marijuana card can be part of an affirmative defense in other medical states, it provides no protection in states without a medical program. Do not travel in Arizona with more than your 2.5-ounce legal limit of flower.
How Arizona patients can act politically:
  • Contact your local state legislator and let them know how important your medicine is to your health and quality of life.
  • Call the office of Rep. Pam Powers-Hanley (D-Pima) who will take up the issue in the next legislative session.
  • On a local level, contact your mayor, city council members, and local law enforcement officials. State that you want their commitment to not prosecute concentrate cases.




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