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Meet Nadeem Al-Hasan and Thomas Rimbach

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nadeem Al-Hasan, Thomas Rimbach. Thanks for sharing your story with us Nadeem and...

4 Excellent Strains To Help You Sleep: The Science of Cannabis and Good Night's Rest

Read Time: 4 min 46 sec Not getting enough rest at night can have a multitude of short and long term impacts on one’...

Baked Bros Named Among Top 50 Cannabis Employers in 2019

Phoenix, Ariz. – Baked Bros is among the very few entities in the legal cannabis industry where employee benefits, pe...

Edibles vs. Vaping: Pros and Cons

When it comes to consuming cannabis, the best alternatives to smoking are either to eat an edible or to vaporize it. ...

Should Cannabis Be Considered a Drug? The Answer May Surprise You.

Cannabis is so prevalent in the United States that nearly 12% of all people in the country above the age of 12 have r...

Cannabis and PTSD? Updates on the current research

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) PTSD is a debilitating mental condition that affects people who have experience...

Full-Spectrum? Let's Get into the Weeds

The Great Debate Today, the amount of cannabis products available to consumers is staggering. Broadly speaking, these...

Cannabis and The VA: 4 Things You Need To Know

Overview of VA  Veterans suffer from PTSD at a percentage much higher than the general population.

Why 5:1 CBD:THC Ratio? What the Health!

Reading Time: 5 min 22 sec We’ve Only Just Begun As you may have already heard, Baked Bros™ just launched a new 5:1 ...

Halloween 101: How to Safely Consume THC Edibles

Reading Time: 4 min 30 sec Halloween is coming up, so it’s time to don your best costume and learn how to eat THC ed...

WHY 5:1 CBD:THC Ratios Are The Most Diverse Ratio On the Market

Reading Time: 3 min 40 sec You Spoke, We Listened After much anticipation, we have launched a 5:1 CBD:THC ratio gumm...

Edibles vs. Smoking: How Do They Compare?

How we consume cannabis products makes a substantial difference in their effects. Two of the most popular methods, ed...
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Edible dosing MG Chart

Learn the do's and don'ts of dosing with cannabis edibles.

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