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How Long Do Edibles Last?

Reading Time: 4 min 30 sec What's the Deal With Edibles? When it comes down to how long do edibles have an effect...

Top 10 Stoner Movies of All Time!

Reading Time: 5 min 30 sec Say Man, You Got An Edible Gummy? There’s nothing quite like watching a movie with cannab...

4 Ways Cannabis Gummies Can Improve Your Sex Life

Reading Time: 5 min 28 sec A Match Made in Heaven Mixing cannabis and sex might sound like pure hedonism to those th...

Edible Dosage mg Chart

Visit our online store to purchase Baked Bros products that you can test our chart out with here! To avoid overconsum...

3 Surprising Ways Cannabis Can Improve Being in Nature

Reading Time: 4 min 10 sec Cannabis and the Great Outdoors When most people think of the ideal scenario for using ca...

Cannabis and Your Lungs

Reading Time: 5 min 46 sec Overview of Lung Function:  The ability to breathe is something we often take for grant...

Cannabis Reform Update: What States Could Legalize Cannabis in 2020?

Reading Time: 5 min 10 sec Cannabis Popularity on the Rise At the start of this new year, cannabis will have become...

5 Essential Tips on Using Cannabis for Anxiety

Reading Time: 5 min 29 sec Cannabis and Anxiety Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US, affec...

Top 4 Cannabis Discoveries of 2019 You Probably Didn't Hear About

Reading Time: 4 min 26 sec A Year in Review 2019 was an incredible year for cannabis resear...

4 Ways to Understand Cannabis and Pain

Reading Time: 4 min 19 sec How Does Cannabis Reduce Pain? Before the 1800s, pain was considered to be an existential ...

Meet Nadeem Al-Hasan and Thomas Rimbach

Reading Time: 2 min 36 sec Today we’d like to introduce you to Nadeem Al-Hasan, Thomas Rimbach. Thanks for sharing y...

4 Excellent Strains To Help You Sleep: The Science of Cannabis and Good Night's Rest

Reading Time: 4 min 11 sec Not getting enough rest at night can have a multitude of short and long term impacts on o...
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Edible dosing MG Chart

Learn the do's and don'ts of dosing with cannabis edibles.

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