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  1. Know your dose - This is a huge factor most cannabis consumers receive little advice on and is something Baked Bros is really big on. If you consume for example 10mg and wake up feeling really groggy that is a good indication you over consumed before bed. Try stepping down your dose a little at a time until you find one that works well and leaves you feeling refreshed when you wake up!

  1. Timing is everything - Edibles typically will last anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on the individual and the dose taken. I always recommend taking cannabis earlier in the evening for several reasons. The first one is that when cannabis enters the body it causes dopamine to be released in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for feelings of motivation and arousal which are great except when you want to fall asleep. By using cannabis earlier in the evening you will find the second half of the effects much more sedative and will fall asleep faster because the dopamine rush has run its course. The second thing to consider is that by going to bed on the tail end of effects you will wake up with less cannabis in your system allowing you to feel refreshed rather than not being able to wake up. These two things will help your body and mind achieve a more natural sleep cycle and will in turn aid in feeling better upon waking

  1. Method of consumption - When you consume an edible it is converted to 11-hydroxy-THC which is an active metabolite of THC that is 3 - 5 times more potent which is why it last so much longer and can feel "heavy" on the body. This is great for pain relief and can help you stay asleep for long periods of time but if you feel extremely tired upon waking could mean an alternative method of consumption should be considered. For this reason, I recommend sublingual doing which means under the tongue. Because of the capillaries under your tongue, you can by-pass the liver converting THC and instead have it directly enter the bloodstream. This will allow you to absorb more cannabis (meaning smaller doses with the same effect), it sets in faster (15-20min), and the duration is shorter (4-6 hours). This will lead to a fatigue when you wake up because of the shorter duration and less 11-hydroxy-THC to make you feel weighed down. Our THC syrup was designed with this in mind to ensure optimal absorption. Every ml of syrup is 5mg making it very easy to dose. There are no artificial colors or flavors and it is Vegan-friendly, Gluten Free,  and diabetic safe per 10mg dose!

Granddaddy Purple is by far one of the best strains for sleep and has earned a reputation as a "Heavy hitter" in terms of its ability to induce sleep. If you were looking for an Indica that is milder in terms of inducing sleep I would suggest Blue Cheese (don't mind the name, it has nothing to do with the flavor!). If you are looking for something for the by that won't be too heavy then I suggest Super Sour Diesel which is our most uplifting Sativa. When it comes to dosing during the day I recommend starting with 1/10th the dose you use at night. This is called a microdose and will most likely produce little to no psychoactivity but can still help address pain, anxiety, nausea, etc. If you feel it was too mild to meet your needs you can work up 1/10th until you find what works for you. I hope you find this helpful and if you have any more questions feel free to let me know. We host 5-7 Education Days per week at dispensaries all around the valley and I highly recommend going to one to talk to one of our knowledge representatives. We also have special while we are there so it is a great time to get a good deal. A calendar can be found here: https://bakedbros.com/pages/events

  1. Cannabis is extremely safe physiologically - Unlike the majority of medications people use to treat chronic pain cannabis is relatively non-toxic and there are no cases recorded in the medical literature of an overdose that resulted in a fatality.  

  1. Cannabis Effects on Body and Mind - There are two main active ingredients in Medical Marijuana. The first is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is responsible for the plant's intoxicating effects. THC although intoxicating has many benefits to someone who is experiencing pain. THC can help reduce the intensity of the pain signal your body is sending to your brain. It also helps reduce the inflammation surrounding the source of your pain. Finally, the mental state THC induces seems to help individuals experiencing chronic pain "forget" about the pain aiding in the overall pain-relieving effect. THC is a potent compound meaning a little goes a long way. The second active ingredient in Medical Marijuana is Cannabidiol (CBD) which has attracted a lot of attention recently. CBD is non-intoxicating but is psychoactive, meaning it can affect your cognition. CBD is powerful at reducing inflammation and can also help mitigate pain signaling in the body. The downside to CBD is it is not very potent which means you need a large amount to get relief. CBD also mitigates the intoxicating properties of THC making a combination of the 2 ideal for optimal mental functioning while treating pain with cannabis.

  1. Routes of Administration - There are a variety of ways to consume cannabis, each with their pros and cons. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis offers the fastest onset of effects (immediate - 5min) but also the shortest duration (1-3 hours of relief). Many people report smoking as more effective than vaporizing for treating pain but this has never been studied and is purely anecdotal. Consuming anything into the lungs is less than ideal and should be a last resort for obvious health reasons. Sublingual (under the tongue) administration also has a fast onset (5-20min) and longer duration of effects (2-4 hours). This has been reported to be an effective way to treat chronic pain due to its fast onset and long duration which means you do not have to use it every hour or so. The last route of administration is oral consumption which is commonly referred to as edibles. This means the THC or CBD is swallowed and makes it way into the stomach and is processed by the liver which then converts THC into 11-hydroxy-THC which is 3-5 times stronger meaning it provides better pain relief. The onset is longer (45-90 min) and has a longer duration of effects (4-6 hours). The ideal way to treat pain would be to use a combination of sublingual (for immediate relief) and oral (for prolonged and painkilling effects). Vaporizing or smoking would be used as a last resort for break-through pain relief if needed.

  1. Strains of Cannabis - Cannabis produces various strains which are more easily understood as varieties. Much like the variation in rose color cannabis produces variations in its chemical profile. Each strain has a unique ratio of CBD to THC as well as the other minor cannabinoids. It also produces various terpenes, aromatic compounds responsible for its powerful smell. Interestingly, these terpenes produced by cannabis are produced by many other plants such as lemons (Limonene) and pine trees (Pinene) to name few, each of which has their own therapeutic properties. These strains are broadly categorized into 3 groups: Sativas (generally more uplifting and mood-boosting), Indica (generally better for pain and sleep), and Hybrids (any combination of the two).

  1. Side Effects - Like most medications, Cannabis does produce side effects. As a general rule of thumb the more you consume of a medication higher the likelihood it will produce side effects. It is important to mention here that cannabis is biphasic meaning one dose might help treat pain and another might have the opposite effect. This will change from person to person to self-experimentation is required (I will explain further below). The most common side effects of cannabis are a reduced short-term memory, dry mouth/eyes, sleepiness, increased appetite, and paranoia. All of these effects even the most experienced consumer and all of these only last while under the influence of cannabis. These side effects are generally mild compared to those of pain medications.

Now that the general overview is out of the way I would like to give you some advice of where to start. When using a cannabis product it is important to make sure the product has been lab tested! Arizona does not require lab testing which can lead to products being contaminated with a host of potentially harmful additives or inaccurate dosing instructions. Baked Bros has every batch of our products lab tested and provides those test results for everyone to view here: https://bakedbros.com/pages/product-testing

on top of this, we offer a 100% money back guarantee with all our products so you can purchase without having to worry about losing out on your medicine.

For dosing, it is critical to start low and slow to ensure you do not over medicate, which can produce unwanted side effects. I suggest starting with 2.5mg preferably sublingually at night. This can be easily dosed using  0.5ml of our THC syrup. I recommend using an infant oral syrup which is usually used for children's cough medications. It will provide the most accurate dose. This will also give you a rapid onset to gauge how the effects work for you and being nighttime will give you a space to go to bed or lay down should the effect be too strong (2.5mg is generally well tolerated by new individuals). Once you find the appropriate dosage I suggest using half sublingual and half oral to get the best of both worlds. You can also dose during the day once you determine a night time dose. This will generally be 1/4th of your nighttime dose.

In closing, it is important to know that Baked Bros products are strain specific and contain the natural level of CBD in the plant. This ensures that you know exactly what you getting and that it is consistent every time. Unfortunately, this is not common practice in the Medical Marijuana industry and we are trying to do everything we can to set the standard. If you have anything further questions please let me know. If you decided to try cannabis I suggest you attend one of our Education Days. For these, we go to 5-7 dispensaries a week to provide further education to our patients as well as provide special sales for those that attend! We have a calendar for these events available here: https://bakedbros.com/pages/events

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