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Hello Baked Bros™ Friends,

My name is Derek Espinoza, and I am Baked Bros Director of Education. While many of you are familiar with Baked Bros™, most are unaware of who I am and what I do. To give you some context, I grew up in a conservative Mormon community that maintains a strict policy on the abstinence of any mind-altering substances, including coffee, tea, alcohol, and cannabis. Failure to comply isolates the individual from the rest of the community. This was the mindset I grew up with. When I was a senior in high school, my uncle committed suicide after battling depression. At that same time, I watched a family member become gripped by opiate addiction, and another one had a psychotic break from psychiatric medication for depression. I saw first hand how the health care system and pharmaceutical companies were failing the members of our society, especially when it came to chronic conditions.

The experience of watching the people I loved suffer, with no end in sight, was the stimulus that broke my current mindset and drove me into the science of cannabis. I began to read and research with extreme intensity to discover the truth behind this miraculous plant. I armed myself with education, received my medical marijuana card, and made a commitment that I would devote my life to helping educate people on the lies they had been told about cannabis.

I have worked in the cannabis industry for the last 5 years which has been focused around educating patients and non-cannabis users on what cannabis is, what it can do for our health, and the various ways it can be utilized to increase wellbeing. My job at Baked Bros™ includes many different facets. Day to day, I oversee and train all of our education staff, so they can educate our patients on all things cannabis. I also write our monthly “Dose of Education” to help educate the cannabis community on various topics. From there, I produce our educational audio, video, and blog content to ensure they meet our brand standards of impact, consistency, and excellence.

I genuinely care about the future of cannabis and the people who use it because I have seen for myself the transformation it can bring an individuals life. My goal as the Director of Education for Baked Bros™ is to provide the most accurate cannabis media content that is backed by rigorous academic research to help improve the quality of education being presented to our community because Baked Bros™ represents cannabis as a whole, not just a brand. 

- Derek Espinoza

Director of Education



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