I can't thank you enough. Stg 4 brain cancer is slowly taking my husband. The pain was becoming more severe and the traditional rx meds don't calm or last and just constipate. A HUGE shout out to Amy at High Desert Healing who introduced us to your syrup..watermelon in particular. The results were amazing!!! I am a physical rehab nurse and don't have much experience or know the lingo, but seeing the results, I am going to further my education to become a cannabis nurse and hope there will soon be certification for it! So much we can do for those in pain! Thanks Baked Bros!! You made a difference!! - Toni Kern

Baked Bros syrup (and gummies) have always been some of my favorite products on the market. Keep up the good work! Always consistent, always effective. Thanks guys! - Alison Miller


I've been using Baked Bros THC syrup as an exercise and fitness tool for the past 12 months. I take a daily measured dose right after work and right before training. It's just the correct dosage to make me feel energetic, relaxed, happy and motivated all at the same time. I'm really using the delicious syrup as an anti stress, anti anxiety medication. I have no diagnosis. I'm just a busy person who is tired and stressed and those two factors make it hard to workout regularly. I take my dank drank, then I put on a smile, then I hit the gym, then I come home and cook dinner for the family and I love every minute of it. The ability to work out combined with greatly decreased stress levels has been a recipe for physical and mental health. I love you guys. Thank you. - Anonymous

After getting my wisdom teeth, I struggled with the nausea from the pain killers I was prescribed - after switching to the Strawberry Kiwi THC pourable syrup all my jaw pain and nausea was gone! Highly recommend for heavy users who need relief while unable to smoke. - Carly C. 


My sister was diagnosed with leukemia and multiple myeloma in 2014. After a round of chemo treatments she was cured of the leukemia. A few months later she began treatment for the multiple myeloma which is a form of cancer that is very painful. She also had spinal surgery due to spine fractures from the cancer. The chemo being administered had her in more pain, vomiting and left with absolutely NO DESIRE to eat. She was encouraged by family to try medical marijuana which led her to being introduced to Dank Drank. What a blessing it turned out to be for her. She started eating food on her own, no more us begging her to eat. Initially she was taking 40mg oxycontin time release pain killers twice daily with 10mg oxycodone as needed every 4-6 hours daily. Due to the Dank Drank she is no longer on the oxycodone and taking 10mg oxycontin twice daily. Her chemo treatments are going very well and she is able to tolerate them more easily. The new bottles have labeling with dosing instructions which is a tremendous help for someone just starting out. To top it off BB came to our rescue when my sister was running out of syrup. They were very kind and giving of their time in educating us about medical marijuana. Thank you BB for making an alternative product that has truly helped my severly ill sister and given her life again. - Rita


 I suffer from PTSD and bipolar disorder. I have tried all the rank and file prescribed medications they works somewhat but not like your product. Smoking is ok, but it’s alway nasty, ash, dirty pipes, etc. When I feel an attack coming on, I take 1/2 teaspoon of your syrup, rest the rest of the day and the attack stops. 1/2 teaspoon = 2.5 ml. If your nerves are shot and you are overstressed this is the right product for you. Note: The effects last longer than smoking. ​- Anonymous 

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