Baked Bros™ was founded in 2010 in the state of Arizona.


Our mission is to redefine the perception of cannabis worldwide while actively combating the detrimental effects of pharmaceutical abuse.

We are dedicated to optimizing the lives of our diverse community of consumers by championing research in the fields of mental health, PTSD, pain management, sleep disorders, and more. Through rigorous scientific exploration and strategic partnerships, we aim to unlock the full potential of cannabis as a natural solution for these challenges.

At the core of our mission lies the recognition that a world plagued by pharmaceutical abuse has dire consequences. By prioritizing the responsible use of cannabis, we strive to alleviate the reliance on harmful medications and promote healthier alternatives. Our unwavering commitment to this cause drives us to provide consistent and outstanding products that ignite the imagination of those who consume them and contribute to the well-being of individuals and our communities.

We are a mission with a company, not a company with a mission


Our vision is one of unity and impact. A world where the abuse of pharmaceuticals is eradicated, and the stigma surrounding cannabis is a remnant of the past, restoring integrity to our industry. We imagine a future where optimism and imagination flourish, enabling individuals to embrace their true selves without fear of judgment. In this world, freedom and democracy prevail, empowering people to nourish their minds, bodies, and spirits without the need for harmful pharmaceutical substances. We envision a society where cannabis is utilized responsibly, promoting wellness, and fostering a healthier and happier world for all.