Dedication to Medication™

At Baked Bros, we are relentlessly committed to the constant and never-ending pursuit of becoming better every day. We love intensity and thrive under pressure, in fact, we see it as a stimulus for growth. We love being challenged, because it ignites our deeper potential, to catapult our impact to heights never thought possible. We care deeply and passionately about our work, our mission, our health and each other.

know your dose

Accurate dosing allows you, the patient, the ability to measure and determine your dose and confidently enjoy an edible medication, without overconsumption. We recommend an oral syringe for accurate dosing, available at any drugstore.

Sublingual Administration

“Under the tongue,” consumption allows for rapid absorption via blood vessels under the tongue. The initial onset of sublingual consumption can be within 10-15 minutes. This allows the medication to cross the blood brain barrier more efficiently, resulting in a more intense initial onset.


Infuse your day with Baked Bros Real Green Drinks! Made from our Original THC Syrups these all natural fruit remedies come in seven flavors.

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Baked Bros Core Values


We impact the community by leading the industry in education and outreach. We believe that education is the key to changing the negative notion of this beautiful natural medicine, which is why we are so actively involved in the progressive reform of cannabis. 


We ensure consistency by producing our products in very small batches, the only way to confidently claim the same effect every time, no matter where our products are found. We utilize state of the art testing in every step of our process to ensure the highest quality. We are so confident in our process that we offer a money back guarantee for any unsatisfied patient. 


Everything we do, we commit to doing with the greatest level of excellence. We will never take on any product, task or project that can be completed without a world class attention to detail. Having a few excellent products makes a much larger impact on our patients than several that are mediocre. 

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Learn the do's and don'ts of dosing with cannabis edibles.

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