Better Than Melatonin: How We Got Rid of the Wrong Side of the Bed

Beep beep beep beep! In one swift motion, your hand moves to your phone to silence the alarm clock. It’s time to get out of bed, but it feels like you never really got into bed—your muscles are achy, your body is tired, and the motivation just isn’t there.

If this situation is all too familiar to you, then you definitely aren’t alone. After all, it’s estimated that about a third of all Americans aren’t getting good sleep.

However, what if we told you that there was a way to say goodbye to restless nights and hello to peaceful and easy sleep? Well, set your alarm and put on your pajamas because there is, and it’s called the Sleepy product line from Baked Bros.

The answer to sleepless nights isn’t some magical compound but a unique concoction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and natural ingredients—all proven to support a good night’s rest and recovery.

Each part of the Sleepy product line is designed to maximize sleepiness—from the strain chosen down to the terpenes included in each bottle. Not only will you get much-needed rest, but you’ll also feel recovered and refreshed each morning.

Our new Sleepy products come in two different versions—gummies and syrups. Both are equally delicious, easy to use, and effective

Now, if all this sounds too good to be true, then let us break it down for you piece by piece. Continue reading below to discover how the Sleepy product line can aid you to get some shut-eye and wake up feeling better than ever.

The Sandman in a Tin

Thanks to cutting-edge cannabis research, we know that cannabis can aid sleep in a variety of ways. That’s because cannabis has a swiss-army-knife of tools to help you de-stress, relax, and get you feeling better than ever.

For example, a recent study has shown that cannabis can help aid sleep. 1,500 medical marijuana patients were surveyed, and two-thirds of them stopped using pharmaceutical sleep aids after turning to cannabis.

The beauty of cannabis is in the way that it may be able to help people fall asleep. The thing is, sleeplessness is typically the result of a few usual suspects.

Those usual suspects are stress, anxiety, depression, or not being in a relaxed state. Cannabis can attack each one of these problems all at the same time.

Cannabis has been shown to reduce stress, curtail anxiety, decrease depression, and get your body primed for a night of rest.

Best of all, recent studies have shown that cannabis not only helps aid in sleep but can aid in recovery too. Recovery is a crucial part of rest that helps your body feel ready for the upcoming day.

Cannabis has all of these unique abilities because the compounds in cannabis can interact with the bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS). Basically, the ECS is a complex network of receptors that help the body with mood, pain, sickness, and more.

That means that the right blend of compounds can be formulated to work with the ECS for maximum sleepiness

A Carefully Crafted Cannabinoid Blend

Although all this sounds magical, it’s thanks to the cannabinoid blend inside each Sleepy gummy tin and syrup bottle. The major cannabinoids in the Sleepy product line are THC and CBD. NO CBN.

Each cannabinoid was selected and mixed in harmony with one another—for ultimate rest and relaxation.


The THC that we know and love is actually called delta-9 THC. To avoid any confusion with delta-8 THC, we’ll call it simply THC.

THC is responsible for giving us the heady feeling of being high. However, that’s not the only thing it can do, as scientists have discovered over the decades.

In relation to sleep—THC may aid pain, insomnia, and anxiety reduction. All this together means that the THC is hard at work, making you feel better, taking away worries, and fixing your sleep schedule.


CBD has become an essential supplement for millions of people across the globe—and for good reasons. CBD has a staggering number of benefits, and many of them are great for getting restful sleep.

CBD can help reduce inflammation and pain, reduce nausea and migraines, and soothe anxiety and depression.

The Entourage Effect

Have you ever wondered how cannabis can have so many different effects? That’s thanks to the entourage effect.

As we just saw, each compound in cannabis has its own unique effects. However, those effects can change based on the presence of other compounds.

For example, how do you act during a job interview or with your best friend? Your mood or entire personality can change depending on the people present.

So too with cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds in cannabis. Although each cannabinoid can aid in sleep independently—they work much better together.

For example, both THC and CBD can help reduce anxiety and inflammation. However, they both work differently from each other.

That means that the benefits of both THC and CBD can stack on top of one another. 

A Sleepy Strain Profile

Of course, these cannabinoids don’t just appear out of thin air. We made the all-new Sleepy product line from two hand-selected strains—Grandaddy Purple and King Louis XIII.

Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Grandaddy Purple is a West Coast classic that hit the scene in 2003. A breeder named Ken Estes from the Bay Area wanted to show the world what a real indica was like.

To achieve that, he looked for the heaviest indica strains he could find. The two he landed on were Purple Urkle and Big Bud.

After crossing these two incredible strains, the GDP strain we know and love was born. GDP is still a legendary strain and widely used even two decades later.

King Louis XIII

King Louis XIII is a regal strain that has earned its crown from the people. However, its claim to the throne is one that’s shrouded in mystery.

No one knows exactly who bred the King Louis XIII strain, but we do know where it comes from—Los Angeles. Who would have thought that royalty would come from the West Coast?

Once you look at the parents of King Louis XIII, you know that it was destined for greatness. That’s because the strain was the result of a cross between a rare LA cut of OG Kush and LA Confidential.

Both of these strains are heavy indicas—bestowing pure tranquility and drowsiness into King Louis XIII.

Why Did We Choose These Strains? (The Strain Matters)

We chose these strains because they’re like the sandman of the cannabis world. Both King Louis XIII and GDP are known for making limbs and eyelids heavy.

Arguably, many indica and hybrid strains can be relaxing and take the edge off before bed. However, no strains have quite the sedative effects as GDP and King Louis.

We went through hundreds of strains to hunt down the strains that induced sleep the easiest. In the end, King Louis XIII and GDP were the hailing champions.

Our findings were consistent with what millions worldwide already experience—GDP and King Louis XIII have a remarkable ability to make sleep come easy. However, the reason for their sleepy superpowers comes down to the terpene profile of these two strains.

An Extra Sleepy Kick From Terpenes

Terpenes are all around us. Anytime you smell an odor from a plant or fruit, what you’re smelling are terpenes (or terps).

There are thousands of terpenes in existence, but only about a handful are commonly found in cannabis. However, the specific terpene profile of each strain is completely unique.

Once we take a close look at the common terpenes and GDP and King Louis XIII, we can see a clear picture. The most common terpenes found in these strains are:

  • Myrcene – This terpene is responsible for the musky or earthy scent that resembles cloves. The flavor of it is mildly sweet or even tropical.
  • Caryophyllene – The funky or woody smell from cannabis comes from this terpene, and its flavor is close to that of black cardamom.
  • Linalool – Linalool tastes sweet and citrusy but smells floral and a tinge spicy. This is the dominant terpene found in lavender.
  • Limonene – Just like its name, limonene smells sweet and tastes citrusy. You smell this terpene every time you peel the skin from an orange or cut into a lemon.

As we mentioned before, the entourage effect also includes terpenes. That means that each terp slightly modifies the way that a strain feels.

That’s because scientists have discovered that terpenes have their own therapeutic effects.

For example, myrcene may have muscle-relaxing effects. In the past, many folk medicines such as lemongrass and hops were used as a sleep aid—what they had in common was a high amount of myrcene.

Studies have shown that caryophyllene may act like a cannabinoid. That’s why it’s known as the dietary cannabinoid—since we get it often in our diet.

Scientists have found that caryophyllene can have anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting effects that are similar to THC.

Perhaps the terpene most associated with sleep is linalool. Linalool is the major terpene found in lavender, and lavender has been used as a sleep aid for centuries.

Recent studies have shown that linalool can act as a sedative, all while reducing stress and anxiety.

Last but not least is limonene, and it too has anti-anxiety effects. Researchers found that limonene can increase our feel-good chemical dopamine.

All Natural Ingredients and a Sustainable Package

The sleepy product line is crafted using only the finest natural and organic ingredients to further put your mind at ease and body at rest.

We’re committed to making products that are not only effective but delicious and free from fillers. You can find the Sleepy product line in two distinct flavors—blackberry acai and unflavored.

The Sleepy gummies come in blackberry acai, while the Sleepy syrup is left unflavored. Both the blackberry and acai flavors use natural fruit—not artificial flavors.

Blackberry Gummies

Biting into a Sleepy gummy, your taste buds will notice the sweet, slightly sweet and tart flavors of blackberry acai. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy a nice tangy treat before drifting off to sleep.

We chose blackberry acai precisely because of its terpene content. After all, both blackberry and acai have a high amount of linalool—which combines perfectly with the selected strains.

Unflavored Syrup

We know that many people want a no-frills approach to their sleep. That’s why we left the syrup unflavored.

It’s perfect for those who don’t want any strong flavors before bedtime. Simply take a swig before you brush your teeth and put on your sleep mask.

Doing Our Part for a Greener World

Once we finished perfecting our Sleepy edibles, we turned our attention to the packaging. One of our top priorities was to make sure that our new packaging wasn’t resource-intensive.

That’s why we made sure to create new packaging with increased sustainability and fair manufacturing practices. Now, you’ll receive your Sleepy edibles in a 100% recyclable and reusable package.

The gummies and syrup are kept fresh with a food-grade and BPA-free liner that won’t impart any sketchy chemicals. The best part is, you can reuse your tin to stash your cannabis or as a small container to grow a plant—the sky’s the limit.

A Firm Foundation for a Good Night’s Sleep

As you can see, our Sleepy gummies and syrups were crafted to be as calming, relaxing, and soothing as possible. We used real science and trial and error to formulate these incredible edibles by finding the perfect ratio of THC and CBD.

Then we looked across hundreds of strains and pinpointed the two that are the sleep kings—GDP and King Louis XIII. To further sweeten the deal, we created delicious flavors using natural ingredients of blackberry and acai, which boost terpene content.

We spent so long crafting these Sleepy edibles because our goal is to create the best edibles while enhancing the quality of life of our diverse community. We want to remove the stigma around cannabis edibles and break down barriers by proving that edibles are more than just for fun.

After all, here at Baked Bros, our mission is to be a leader in cannabis education, cannabis reform, and our community—all while producing the best edibles on the market.

If you’re ready to see how cannabis edibles can revolutionize your sleep schedule, then head on over to Baked Bros today and see where you can pick our new Sleepy edibles.