You’re relaxing after having a toke when the door opens, and in comes your significant other, roommate, or worst of all – your mom.

You know you’re in trouble, and you’re about to have that talk again. If you’ve been in a similar situation, you know how hard it is to get rid of that skunky smell.

Sometimes you have a legitimate reason not to go outside. Maybe it’s the dead of winter, or there’s no discreet location nearby. Luckily, there are still ways to be considerate of others and get lifted indoors. Continue reading below to find out several ways to get rid of the smell of cannabis reliably.


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We know that this technique isn’t for everyone, but it’s a tried and true method. Before your cannabis ritual, you can light up an incense stick or scented candle.

There are many different types of scents available, and some are better than others. Some fragrances will cover up the cannabis smell, while others might mix with it.

A good incense stick to start with is called nag champa or just Champa. Champa is neither too fragrant nor overpowering, and is the perfect neutral smell that will greatly reduce the cannabis aroma from the air.

The problem with incense or scented candles is that neither will genuinely get rid of the smell. It might cover it up, but there’s a good chance that the weed smell will stick around.


An air purifier is a piece of equipment that can passively cover up some marijuana aroma. Air purifiers won’t get rid of the smell by themselves, however.

Unfortunately, most air purifiers don’t eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are exactly what causes the pungent odor of weed.

Smoke near a window or combine the purifier with another method to effectively reduce the amount of weed smell.


Another classic technique is to use an air freshener like Febreze or Ozium. These fresheners eliminate smells from the air effectively.

They won’t altogether remove the weed smell, but a quick spray down is all you need to cover up most of the scent.

The problem with these types of products is that they’re chemical air fresheners. The chemicals inside them can be potentially harmful if you breathe them in and regularly use them.

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Using an all-purpose cleaner is more intensive than most methods, but it works like a charm. Most of the weed smell will settle into fabrics and onto some hard surfaces.

After you smoke, all you need to do is crack open a window to let most smoke out and then spray down any fabric and surface near where you smoked.

Usually, these all-purpose cleaners have a pleasant fragrance that will help cover up the weed smell even more.


Placing an odor absorbing gel near doorways and vents can work wonders, especially if you live in an apartment. Sometimes, cannabis smoke can seep into vents and get you in trouble with your neighbors.

You can place a canister of odor absorbing gel near you while you smoke. However, you must pair this method with another option, such as an air purifier, to make the most of it.

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A classic method is to use a large fan and an open window. Having two windows open works better for airflow, but one will do just fine.

Simply place a large stand fan (not a desk fan) facing an open window and stand between the fan and the window. As you smoke, the fan will push the smoke out of the window.

After you’re done smoking, let the fan run for a few more minutes to circulate the air and get rid of most of the weed smell.

If you performed this method correctly, then there should be little pungent smell left in your consumption zone. However, this method may leave you freezing in the winter, so make sure you smoke fast.


A sploof is a device that masks cannabis odors by using a few readily available household items.

To make one, all you’ll need is a cardboard tube (from a used toilet paper roll), a rubber band, and some dryer sheets.

Simply stuff 3 or 4 dryer sheets inside the tube, but don’t make them too tight because you need some airflow. Then, take one last dryer sheet, wrap it over one end and secure it with the rubber band.

Start your smoke session and then exhale the smoke through the sploof. Most of the weed smell should be eliminated because it gets trapped within the dryer sheets.

However, you’ll still need to smoke near an open window because the sploof can’t cover up the smell of the lit cannabis.


All the above methods require some equipment or chemical to get rid of unwanted odors. However, none of the methods above guarantee that the cannabis aroma won’t stick around or travel to another room.

This is why the best possible method is to not smoke at all and to eat an edible instead. Gone are the days of buying a shady cookie from a friend or having to make your own inconsistent edibles.

Now that cannabis is legal in many states, it’s easy to get your hands on high-quality and high-performance edibles like THC or CBD gummies.

You might be thinking that edibles are a little overkill, but with the right product and the proper training, you can eat an edible anytime.

All you need to do is figure out your dose. Finding your dose is simple with professionally made edibles like our THC gummies. Each gummy has precise milligram counts of THC, so you can easily measure how much you need.

It’s much easier to pop a gummy or two than to have to figure out ways to get rid of weed smell. Edibles also last much longer if stored properly, and you get more benefits from the THC and CBD than you do from smoking.

Getting high should be a relaxing experience, not one full of anxiety. Stop trying to deal with the weed smell and cut it out entirely with high-quality edibles!